Aleatoric Short film

In the first pile of the plot, which runs on two piles, there is a construction of a clock which is made of glass and crystal. This rhymes with the dancing part of the second pile in wich the Hungarian Arts of Dance College students were filmed. We had only one expectation from the dancers: to improvise. Aleatoric, because their moves , flows and lives depend on luck. The glass-clock-cog wheel structure is trying to put emphasis on this exactitude, punctuality and fragility. Dancing is a profession which takes year to acquire and it is also hard work but only a few dancers will be famous or make their dream come true. There is one thing which connects them:their passion towards the most precise execution of self-expression. This is what I introduce in my film though dancing is a profession where the aim is to express the movements in the most precise and sophisticated way, the intention to be perfect.