Until now, the Missing Budapest were on the stage, but now the main role belongs to the Hungarian wine culture. Apart from old photos, postcards and a dedicated team, we don’t need anything else to bring back the values ​​of the past. The film was made with a long but very spectacular animation technique, which was supplemented with 3D elements. However, the hard work pays off when the still images finally come to life. We can almost feel like we are on a time travel when we see the world through the eyes of our grandparents.

And who might be interested in all this?

To municipalities, museums, companies and any institution that can look back on a long history. My own photo archive is just icing on the cake, but if there’s no problem! Our team will visit you to find the best images.

Our goal is to create the most appropriate material for your needs, so the focus in the film is on what we want to convey. Whether it’s creating value, presenting a history of development, or just recalling significant events in the past, we work to bring the past to life in a spectacular way.