A 20. Duna-híd

We captured the initial works of the newly built Danube bridge connecting Kalocsá with Paks in our image film.

And what makes an unfinished bridge a fascinating image film?

The spectacular drone footage was supplemented with a so-called motion tracking technique, which allows the final lines of the not-yet-completed bridge to become visible. These graphic elements not only play an aesthetic, but also a functional role. We can incorporate a lot of information into the environment, so that they form an integral part of the visual world.

This technique is the most appropriate choice for those who want to present an investment, idea, building or any initial, semi-finished project to the public. We recommend it to all those who want to add something extra and unique to their film beyond the world of traditional image recordings.

Drone recordings and motion tracking elements always form a grateful combination, so we boldly recommend and use them in our works!