83-as főút imázsfilm

While you are still sleeping, we are already filming. We catch the lights of the waking Sun - that moment, the hour in the morning, when the lights are the most beautiful. The "golden hour" is special and exceptional: sometimes we have to watch the weather forecast for days and wait for the ideal one hour, but it's worth it because it gives the video a blockbuster effect. We don't compromise on this - we don't shoot when we can, but at dawn and dusk, so that these special moments are on your film.

And motion tracking shows what is not there yet, but will be there: if you are preparing for an exhibition / expo / tender and you are pressed for time, with this innovative solution we can anticipate what you want to show. For example, Highway 83 isn't ready yet, so we'll show it to you, help you imagine it, and build it almost right in front of you on film, while you can also find out information, numbers and data that you didn't know before. Take a look at the image film of highway 83, which came to life from a spectacular combination of drone footage and motion tracking technology.